Kitchen Cougar

In the immortal words of Margaret Mitchell’s Scarlet O’Hara, “I'll just think about that tomorrow, after all, tomorrow is another day.” Errrr— Stop! First off, tomorrow never comes. You have to just get up and say to yourself, “It’s my turn now!” So create the life and live it! Know that only you can do this yourself! The author of this book, Rosemary, told me one day, “Rhonda, the first rule of this Cougar is “to wait for nothing and expect everything!” Your friends and family can give you their love and support, but they can’t help you get out of the place your in. That’s up to you. So Cougars get that paper and pen and make a list of what YOU want and stick to that list come hell or high water.

You must wait for no one’s help even in the face of your own devastation. Stand up and be responsible for the choices you have made. Be like the cougar emerging from her den, hungry and wanting a fresh start in her life. Wiser from her wounds of the past, the cougar is ready to pounce. What must be remembered is how we handled situations as they came to us. Always remember to keep going and you will survive.

“The ability, within yourself, to make a decision,
is the force that catapults you into a new direction.”

Rosemary Donnelly, a true survivor.


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