A Cougar’s Pin

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the country club that my mother and her friends belonged to. My name is Susan, by the way, and this is how I received A Cougar’s Pin. Mary (my mother) had a friend named Evelyn who was a vibrant woman who lived it to the fullest. You know the type, the kind we will be and must become. For years! Always admired Evelyn’s silver cat pin, so one day I inquired about the pin and why she wore it on the left. Evelyn told me, “First off, it’s not a cat pin, it’s a Cougar Pin.” She continued to tell me, “When you love something, you should wear it on the left over your heart.” I also noticed that she always touched the pin when she spoke of it, so I asked her about that as well, and she said, “It’s my “Touch Stone” and when I rub it, I feel strong and resourceful like a cougar.”

In the spring of ‘76, my mother and I went to lunch at the Country Club . There we met Evelyn and the girls, for what would turn out to be a day I will always remember. I was in my 30’s and divorced, dating, but not inspired by the men I was seeing. Evelyn slid a gift box to me on a dessert plate, and she looked at me and said, “I don’t need this anymore, but you Susan, will need this for years to come.
Remember this though; “Pass it on, for one day she will need it more than you.” I opened the box and tears welled up in my eyes as I gazed upon Evelyn’s Cougar Pin. I remembered Evelyn’s words and I did pass it on to Rosemary Donnelly and the rest is history. Life gives us many wonderful gifts and it’s that gift that gives us hope and the dream of their reality. Pass it on.


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