Get With The Program Girl!

Hi! My name is Rhonda and this is how I got with the program. I was in my thirties and the mother of two when I threw out the trash (my ex). After I found out about his taste for strippers, I sent him packing. It took a lot for me to do such a thing, being I didn't have a job and was a stay at home mom (not by choice). Having lost my friends and the closeness of my family, I realized that I had lost the most important person of all ... myself! Years of his cutting me down, threatening my life, my children's lives and telling me I was worthless, I began to think I was all of these things. I lived in fear of it. It took me fifteen long years to get away from his abuse and when I did, I ran like the wind, not looking back, but learning from the past. Don't minimize the situation -- get rid of the issues.

Today, I have gained back a lot of who I once was. I went back to school and received a gift I didn't think possible, a way to survive. You can get thrown a fast one at any time -- just make sure you hit it out of the park. Family and true friends are the greatest gifts any person can have; always remember that. I allowed a man I once loved to treat me with so little respect. I thought I would never live again. Know this, that if I can do this, so can you. Never let anyone take you away from you. My friend Connie once told me, "you are the sum total of all decisions you've made in you life"....


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