Getting Up While Your Getting Down

So you think you’re too old to dance, too fat to play, too thin to be pretty, too different to laugh? You’re none of these. You are a beautiful person with all that life has to give. Never think for one moment about what others think of you. What matters the most is what you think of you. We all have flaws that we hate; I know I have several myself, but we must get around that moon and make it work for ourselves. Why get down on yourself, you don’t need to. Stop listening to what everyone is telling you and just be you. We live in a world that is cruel, where people listen too much to what society says and not enough to themselves. Everyone deserves love and happiness and not at the cost of their soul. You can’t change the hand your dealt, but you can change how you play the game known as life.

If you can find the boat, you can find the party! Someone once told me, that life is the easiest thing to do, it’s the living of life that is so hard. We are all trying to find our liberation in this life, rich or poor, we all deserve freedom. Freedom to choose what we want to look like, act like, feel like, and how we want to express ourselves in our life. Get up and explore your life and always seek the best life and the best will find you. You can never go forward if you keep living in the past. Here is a little prayer that we all can use: Grant me the serenity to forget the people I never liked. The good fortune to run into the people I do like. And the insight to tell the difference. Here’s a little insight for you, GET UP and STAY UP! You are beautiful.


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