Flavorful Foreplay Foods

  • These tid-bits are the perfect way to appetize a night of foreplay. Whether it’s your kitchen or his, let the flavoring begin!

Cougarlisious Wet & Wild

  • Let these wet and wild treats slide down your throat and warm you up inside. Toss a bunch of these together and don’t forget to add your favorite flavor taste. These two go so well together, it will be a night to remember for everyone.

Steamy Stamina

  • This sauna of steam will light the fires of passion. You’ll love tasting the hot juicy sauces as you suck it up over sensual pasta. Just imagine, the opening of a shell, its meat drizzled in butter, OH! Just the thought of it makes you want to scream. Sounds of searing meat on fire with flavor, what more can a Cougar ask for. If you feel it’s too hot, that’s because it is! Just lavish in the taste of it all.

Crazy Cougar Cocktails

  • If you like to have a drink or two, you’ll love the taste of these boys. There is nothing like getting bit by a wolverine in places you least expected. Maybe you like ‘em salty like the sea and tast’en of rum. Or perhaps you prefer a sophisticated black tie only affair. Whatever your taste, these cocktails will hit the spot every time.

Afternoon Delights

  • Everyone loves an afternoon quickie, what Cougar could resist. The feel of silky sweetness as it hits your tongue sends erotic fantasies to every part of you. It’s sweet and tangy cream filled delights makes you feel like you will do anything for the right one. After an afternoon with all this delight, you will need a cougar nap just to recover.

Lay on Your side, Baby

  • When the lights go out. What a great surprise you’ll get with this one! When you least expect it; expect it with these naughty little secrets. What you think your eating isn’t what you’re eating. You better check under the covers before you find yourself in love with these favorites.



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